Not a Vienna Press Release

On May 30, 2005, 60 years after World War II and at the age of 60, in a symbolic performance of endurance, Viennese artist, Maderna climbed the walls of one of the few remaining anti bombing bunkers in Vienna known as the Flakturm in Arenbergpark. Inside the bunker, Maderna presented her installation Budhines, Christines,… – hundreds of small fluorescent figures set in an entirely dark space, the installation suggested existential loneliness, desolation, yet their luminescence evoked a sense of something hopeful and magical. Subsequently, Maderna initiated a series of art exhibitions with various performers, musicians and artists, including students from the Art Academy. The successful programme lasted until December 2006, before the bunker was again closed to the public. Maderna is representative of a first generation of feminist visual artists in Austria. Among her peers are Joan Jonas, Carolee Schneeman, Valie Export, Ana Mendietta and Lygia Clark. Her body of work spans media, ranging from actionist performances to sculptures, drawings and new media projects. 

Maia Damianovic