Loneliness of silence
Language in everything

An archetypical, archaic, blockformed building.
Built from quarrystones > confronting the block-form
architecture of the 20th/21st century.
Interior: Roof opening in the apse. The light entering
from the top, illuminates the cut in the sculpture stele.

The stele: > a tool > mediator > perception and observation.

The original shape is a circle :
1 tube = 1 (part)
halved = 2 (parts)
matt black. Both ends strenghtened = without any dimension.
1+1= 2 = 0

A white lighted, lightly bowed cut
divides 2/3 of the sculpture and is
extended with a white brushline.
After a long time of looking, the sculpture
becomes a black plane. The line inside
ostensibly moves : a symbol for a time movement
in which I am.

Plane > or body / CONVEX > CONKAVE /
Inverted image and illusion.
Black and white relativises body and plane.
Solid matter is matter in-between =
POROUS = I am in the net as a part of me.